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Social Security and Medicare Face Financial Challenges

Most Americans will receive Social Security and Medicare benefits at some point in their life. Every year, the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds release lengthy reports to Congress assessing the health of these important programs.  The newest reports, released April 22, 2020, discuss the current financial condition and ongoing financial challenges...
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$2 Trillion Stimulus Plan Changes For Corporate Plans, Ira’s, Roth’s

The Federal Government’s massive COVID-19 stimulus package covers many areas of relief for businesses and individuals. Below is a summary of how this recent legislation may affect your tax-deferred retirement accounts and withdrawals from those accounts including RMD’s. Relief for Retirement Accounts Buying time: deadline for filing the following has been extended to July 15,...
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If You Have or Are a Stay-At-Home Spouse, You Should Consider a Spousal IRA

An ongoing study of IRA accounts has consistently found that women, on average, have lower retirement savings balances than men (see chart below). Though there may be multiple reasons for this disparity, the most fundamental are the wage gap between men and women and the fact that women are more likely than men to take...
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How Long Should Your Keep Financial Records?

Now that tax season is almost over, you may want to file your most recent records and discard older records to make room for the new ones. According to the IRS, personal tax records should be kept for three years after filing your return or two years after the taxes were paid, whichever is later*...
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Stock Ownership Slow to Recover

Dynamic versus Static Investment Risk Strategy

This is the first of a two-part article on Dynamic versus Static Risk Strategy.  Fifty-five percent of Americans said that they (and/or a spouse) had money invested in the stock market in 2019. Since this is the same percentage of Americans as was reported in 2018, it's obvious stock ownership still has a way to...
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Social Security

Social Security May Offer You a Lifetime of Protection

Social Security is much more than a retirement program. Most Americans are protected by the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program — the official name of Social Security — from birth through old age. Here are four times in your life when Social Security might matter to you or the people you care about....
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Two Keys to 401(k) and Retirement Investment Planning Success

Want to know a secret? The two keys to 401k investment and retirement success* are: Save and invest aggressively when young Manage risk well in allocations as you approach and enter retirement I know those are oversimplified but they are accurate. Knowing this, when was the last time you evaluated how much you’re saving or...
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Rethinking Retirement Income

A frequently asked question in our office is related to the subject of Social Security income and whether it will continue in its current form, be changed or be there at all in the future. Since Social Security checks are many people's primary source of retirement income, what people are really asking is how their...
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